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Splashtop costs less, runs faster, allows unlimited technicians, and lets you offer remote access to your end users.

Splashtop Remote Support Splashtop On-Demand Support with Mobile GoToAssist
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Your GoToAssist equivalent, with both unattended & attended support Your attended support solution for both desktop and mobile
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for 25 computers & unlimited technicians
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per technician
starts at
per technician
Unattended support
Unlimited technicians $660/yr per tech
Concurrent sessions Unlimited 10 sessions 8 sessions max
On-demand support
(no installation needed, connect with session code)
Remotely access iOS device screens
Remotely access Android device screens
File transfer
File transfer
Multi-monitor view one at a time (view multiple coming soon) view one at a time (view multiple coming soon)
Mobile apps
User management
2-way screen share
Free end user access
Remote print
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“I have been in IT for 20 years and I know a good product when I find one. From a support perspective I could not have asked for a better tool. I get in and get it done. [Splashtop] is awesome and it’s reliable as all hell. After using TeamViewer this program rocks its socks off. Unlike TeamViewer you’re not trying to be everything for everyone and it just works. You are reasonably priced as well, with TeamViewer wanting everything including my first born lol. I love the product and have recommended it to others I know in the industry.”

— Stuart Livingstone, NuWave Backup