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How do I install and setup Polkast on the Android?

Skylar B
posted this on August 8, 2012, 11:27

To install and setup Polkast on your Android device, go through the following steps:

Option #1: (Install from Play Store)

  • Open the "Play Store" app.
  • Search for "Polkast" within the Play Store.
  • Select "Install" to install Polkast

Option #2: (Install from Polkast website)

  • Go to:
  • Click on the "Android" icon . This will take you to the Google Play Store website.
    • Click "Install" 
    • Authenticate with your Gmail and password.
    • Click the drop down menu next to "SEND TO ANOTHER DEVICE" and select the Android device you want to install Polkast on.
    • Click on "Install" and click on "OK" in the following menu.
    • Polkast will now be downloaded on your Android device.
Option #3: (Install from Amazon)
Option #4: (Install from Amazon App Store)

  • Open the "Amazon App Store"
  •  Search for "Polkast" within the Amazon App Store
  • Select "Free" and then "Get App".
  • Polkast should now be downloaded onto your android Device.
Option #1: (Install from Play Store)
Android_App_Store.png  Install.png  Select_and_Download.png

Option #2: (Install from Polkast website)

Option 3: (Install from Amazon)


Option 4: (Install from Amazon App Store)
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