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How can I include iTunes Playlist in Polkast?

Skylar B
posted this on September 13, 2012, 17:21

In the Polkast Homebase app, make sure to check the box "Include iTunes in Polkast" to allow Polkast to access your iTunes Playlist


  • Select Settings
  • Manage Access
  • Check "Include iTunes in Polkast" or "integrate with iTunes"
  • Permission: we have seen instant where Polkast does not have permission your iTunes media folder. To locate the iTunes media folder
    • Open iTunes
    • Select iTunes, Preferences from the menu
    • Under "Advanced Preferences" tab, note the "iTunes Media folder location" path and add this path to Polkast under "Folders"  ie: /Users/<user name>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media
  • Note: your content must be stored/cached locally, content on the iCloud can't be accessible via Polkast

Note: if you install Polkast then iTunes. After the playlists are created within iTunes, please uncheck and recheck the "Include iTunes in Polkast" to force a rescan of your library.









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